Saturday, May 12, 2012


Mindy Gledhill has fast-become one of my favorite artists. I definitely need to buy this CD.

So I was thinking about what else I should blog about after reading a couple of blogs written by other people. Some people are just so talented... and funny. I love to read the funny musings of other people, see their realness unfold in the words that they use to describe themselves and their experiences. I'd like to do that. I feel I need more practice...

Hence the reason I created the blog in the first place I suppose.

A while back I had come to the conclusion that I was going to be at peace with myself as an individual, as single and solitary as that sounds. I was finished trying to make this... finding a someone work. I hadn't been successful with it for all my trying. I didn't understand a lot of the hows and whys of what makes relationships turn into these deep meaningful things (well still don't I guess). I decided, "You know what... I don't need anything else or anyone else. I'm ok. I can be happy and fine. I can have fun. I can." I realized finally that I am a whole and complete person independent of any relationship with any person here. What makes me a whole and complete person is my relationship with my Savior. Finally coming to the realization that I am complete helped me to be happier. I didn't have to look for anything anymore. It was kind of there all along. I only needed to realize it. And I found my anchor. The world made sense again. I felt gratitude. Happiness restored.

It is interesting how events and people in our lives shift things and make them slightly off kilter. We adjust and things level out. But there is always something else eventually I think. Maybe that's part of what life it for and what it is about. Re-finding the anchor, and finding it even in unexpected places.

Especially for those whose feet aren't quite always on the ground.

Y para la que está por inquieta y no pueda parar...

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