Sunday, April 29, 2012


Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about changing.

Can a zebra change it's stripes?
What about when it just change on the outside?
How much change on the inside is necessary?
Do we have to change everything about ourselves?
Why does there have to be an external force for real change to occur?

Change is something I've always had a lot of practice with. I grew up moving around a lot. I changed schools, I changed houses, I changed friends, etc. Who knows maybe all the changes at such a critical identity building time are part of why I've struggled to figure out my identity and why it has taken so long for me to figure out my stripes. And even now I don't know that I really have them figured out.

Back to the question, "Can a zebra change it's stripes?" Initially I thought of Luke 1:37. Why couldn't a zebra change his stripes? Nothing is impossible.
But I guess like with everything else, the key is faith (Matt 17:20).

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