Monday, July 25, 2011


Well work had me a little busier than I expected. Things weren't going how I had planned them, so I looked for another job. And I found one. And I quit working where I was working. There were a lot of reasons I guess. And I think I'll be happier with the schedule at my new job.

I just wont start it until August. Which is nice because I'll have a little bit of a break. But I wont really have any income until Sept. I am working for Northside ISD. I never really thought I would go into the schools until I was married with kids or something, but right now I like the thought of the schools a lot more than doing home health for whom I was working. The schedule is much more to my liking (7:45-4) as opposed to what I was doing before (8-7:45).

Anyway, that is the job update.

Roommates are really going well. I'm liking the girls I live with. They are a lot of fun, each a kindred spirit in their own way. I feel good about being here and about the decision I made to live here.

Wow, there is actually something to say on this topic. Usually that topic is like pumping a dry well. I've been asked out on several dates by three different people in the past few weeks, which has been a major boost to my ego.

Dare I name names... I think not.

There is the property investor: a 28 year-old who owns several rental properties and currently works in IT at USAA. His goal is to become independently wealthy via rental property and other such endeavors. I like that. I like that he wants to have time to do the things he wants to do and that he doesn't want to work in the office all the time. And I really do think he will become independently wealthy like he wants to. He is funny, and very optimistic.
Me: hey how's it going?
Property Man: oh it is so fantastic!!
Me: oh really, why?
Property Man: Well I woke up this morning and I didn't have any pain.
Me: oh that's good, have you been in pain?
Property Man: No but I was glad that I wasn't. I figured it is better to be humble than be compelled to be humble.

It was funnier on the phone than what I have written. He really is very optimistic about life though. And I kind of like that. It is different from me I suppose, but I want to be more optimistic.

There is also the Runner: a 30 year-old triathlete who can run a 6 minute mile. For pioneer day he ran the 5k in 20:30. Not too shabby. He is currently working part time and finishing his bachelor's degree at UTSA. He has served in the Air Force and speaks 3 languages. Finnish, because he served his mission in Finland, Korean because he was stationed there for a while, and English as his native language. He probably also can get by in German because he lived in Germany from age 7-14 while his father was stationed there. He has plans to go into the secret service and do spy things. And I think that is kind of cool.

Then there is Mr. Man: He is the grown up of the two. He is 35, has been divorced for 6 years and has three kids, 12, 9, and 6. I worked with his mom in the Lubbock temple and she asked if she could give him my number. I said sure, and he called. I've heard very good things about him, not only from his mother but from other people that know him from Lubbock. He is very nice, and very gentlemanly. We had a good time together. He is funny, a talented singer and guitarist. He taught me how to play La Bamba on the guitar. He speaks Spanish, and has that Latino flavor that I love.

As far as decisions on any of this business go, I'm not making any right now. I just want to get  to know them a little more. We'll see who makes the first move with anything. I've been on at least three dates with each.

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  1. Correction for the Runner. He is not finishing a bachelor's degree... he is finishing a master's degree.