Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bucket List

I recently made a list of things that I want to do in this life. Would you like to see it? I'm much more outgoing about sharing bits of myself than I've ever been before.  These aren't in any particular order, just how they fell out of my head I suppose.

visit New Zealand
see Egyptian pyramids
visit Machu Pichu
see Aztec and Mayan pyramids
go skydiving
go bungee jumping
run a triathlon
run a marathon without walking any of it
have nice abs
learn another language (again)
visit Ireland
take painting classes
learn to watercolor
eat a French dessert in France
eat really good sausage in Germany
go ice fishing
have a family
see Easter Island
touch a Galapagos turtle in the wild
learn to surf
snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
scuba dive in the Mediterranean Sea
see the Whirling Dervishes
carve something cool out of wood
take dance classes with my husband
do temple work for all the people from my grandfather's genealogy
live in another country
plant a secret garden
play the piano good enough to play at church
give away $1,000,000
climb a mountain from the bottom to the top
chop down a tree
write an inspirational song
play the ukelele
plant a seed of a tree and then visit it 10, 25, and 50 years later
build a piece of furniture
feed a llama
say "mahalo" while in Hawaii
visit Alaska
see a broadway show in New York
ride a train
fall in love
start a fire using only a stick
ride in a hot air balloon
attend a Monster Truck Rally
publish a cookbook
play 25 songs on the guitar from memory
visit Tahiti
visit Fiji
learn to write in html
make each of my children a personalized quilt
go to a concert
make pottery
carve something cool out of stone
save a life
play the cello
help restore a vintage car and then drive in it
teach a college course
build a fence
make a phone call to my parents from another country

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