Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Since when do I look like could impart fashion wisdom?

I've been waiting for a story to happen to me so I could write a story style post instead of a memoir style post. And what do you know! One happened. But there is a bit of back story that needs to be told first.

I'm an only girl with 3 brothers. I was quite the tomboy when I was growing up. Mother tried to fix my hair at one point but I think she gave up after 3 consecutive years of me asking for a ponytail everyday to school and church. She probably decided to just let it go since it wasn't a battle worth fighting. I've had few crushes in my life, so few in fact that in my almost 29 years I can count them on less than 1 hand.
I college was when I realized that I was an awkward girl who could never really figure out the choreography that is dating. I quickly realized that I was the girl they stuck in the back for a reason. My costume was several sizes too big, my hair stuck out in odd places, and the way I moved was slightly off or behind, just not really with the rest of the group. I always felt like I stood in the back waving my arms until I realized that either the group had moved on or were never doing that move in the first place.
Now I have gotten some semblance of a clue in ensuing years but honestly never thought I would do anything more than get by when it comes to that sort of thing.

I went to the buckle to tag along because a friend was returning a necklace she had bought there that had broken. As the necessary things were done to exchange the necklace, the girl working there decided to make conversation.
"Do you work at the mall?" she asked my friend.
I kind of laughed in my head because Alisha was also very tomboy growing up, and she has a "real job". She doesn't need to work at the mall.

The girl seemed slightly surprised that Alisha didn't work at the mall. She complemented us both on our outfits and then said that The Buckle was hiring! She pulled out a card for each of us and invited us to apply.

If only she really knew me. I think I should stick with my "real job". But thanks for asking!

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