Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breanne Day

Several weeks ago my roommate Alisha announced that she had declared an "Alisha Day" because she needed one. She "worked from home" for half a day, got a phone call to come get a massage, and then when she went into work and announced it was a day in honor of herself, people actually got behind that and wanted to bring her cakes the next day! And then they did!

When she told me of this, I was honestly a bit baffled by this entire scenario. Were I to declare a "Breanne Day", that would be the day everything would go wrong. I chalked it up to how some things just work out for some people. I stopped wishing and trying to be a part of those some people a long time ago, and just accepted my life as is. It is far easier to just accept it an move on instead of getting frustrated at trying to change things that I cannot change.

Alisha was just as baffled at my reaction and perspective. And in honor of that I thought, "Well maybe I could have a Breanne Day." Of course as soon as I whispered it out loud, things turned sour at work and I immediately abandoned any thoughts of a day.

Fast forward to today. My birthday. My day. I didn't not say it out loud, but I did tell myself Happy Birthday this morning and I knew that today was going to be a good day. And it was a great day. My mom sent me flowers at work, the guy at work that I haven't been getting along with bought me lunch, people told me happy birthday, I got a present in the mail from Jess (so cool by the way. A blue canary night light, and a wonderful tribute to the college days of listening to They Might Be Giants), I finished the Book of Mormon (and I started it on October 1 of this year), and I went to dinner at a very cool restaurant (Magic Time Machine) with my roommates and friends, and had a wonderful time :)

So I just wanted to blog about how I've had a good day today and hope to blog soon about some other things I've been thinking on.

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