Monday, January 2, 2012


A little while ago I posted about recognizing I needed to be a bit... more. And I didn't really disclose everything because it wasn't just about needing to be more, but also a bit... less.

See, I'm actually a really judgmental person. I am to myself and to a lot of other people. I had this realization after a conversation with one of my roommates. Not because of anything that was necessarily said, it was just one of those percolating things that later after the conversation it kind of just hit me that I'd not been very good about a lot of things. And not just with that particular situation, but with others, and with other people.

I re-read a post from October and I'm contemplating taking it down. I feel bad about it because I have been very wrong about a lot of things. It's rough because cleaning up is always a lot harder and time consuming than making the mess.

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