Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cuando Menos Piensas Sale el Sol

I am so very grateful for a much needed vacation. Even though it has only been a few days, I needed the break from work. I've done ok not thinking about work. Whenever work thoughts creep into my head I push them away as best I can. I've needed the break for several reasons: 1) I have become somewhat hyperfocused on things at work, 2) I haven't been doing very many creative things and have been feeling somewhat stifled of soul, 3) I've also been feeling somewhat agitated and impulsive

Pero cuando menos piensas sale el sol.

I decided to start running again. This means I need new music. So I went to the public library to check out some CDs. One of which was a newer album by Shakira, which I have thus far been pleased with. It is reminiscent of earlier albums which I've enjoyed. The initial track, Sale el Sol, struck a chord with the refrain, "pero cuando menos piensas sale el sol" (when you least think it, the sun comes out).

Very true. This is somewhat of a time in my life where the Lord has opened a window when I found myself facing closed doors.

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